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This is an example of what projects will look like when posted by investigators. Here, you will be able to read whatever description/abstract the investigator provides about their project.

Please explore what other types of questions investigators will answer about their projects below. The following questions ask about medical/surgical specialty of the research, whether this will lead to a publication or poster, if students will be listed as authors on the final product, and more.

Lastly, when you find a project you like, you can apply at the bottom of the page with one click of a button. Your student profile will automatically be sent to the investigator. The investigator can then view your profile and everything you have included on it, including your CV (if you uploaded one) and your contact information. Hopefully, if they like what they see, they might contact you. Best wishes and happy researching!


Location Requirement Fully Online
Type of Student Needed Med students in any year (1-4)
Estimated Project Completion Date 04-09-2021
Posted by a(n) Attending
Field(s) Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Integrated Vascular Surgery
Goal of Research Publish a Manuscript
Student Job(s)

Here, you will find whatever job or jobs the investigator would like to assign students. Depending on the project, these jobs can range from collecting and analyzing data to presenting research and writing manuscripts.

Number of Students Needed 2
If recruited students make significant contributions to your project, will they be listed in the publication/poster authorship? Yes
Skills Required Statistical analysis software competency
Experience Required At least ONE publication/poster in ANY field
Necessary Student Time Commitment 2 hours per week
Additional Information:

If the investigator has anything else to add about their project, you can expect to find it here.