Ortho case report (CMN revised to arthoplasty)


This is a case of a pt with an uncommon hip fracture pattern that should have received arthroplasty but got a cephalomedullary nail (CMN) that eventually failed. The CMN pulled out of the femur, and the pt was treated with secondary total hip arthroplasty. Need one med student to write the whole manuscript. If you do the work, you will be second author.



Location Requirement Fully Online
Type of Student Needed Med students in any year (1-4)
Posted by a(n) Resident
Field(s) Orthopaedic Surgery
Goal of Research Publish a Manuscript
Student Job(s)

Write the manuscript

Number of Students Needed 1
If recruited students make significant contributions to your project, will they be listed in the publication/poster authorship? Yes