About Us

Our Mission

To meet the growing demand for research. We provide a free online platform that bridges the gap between students and investigators. Students can find research opportunities, and principal investigators can find students excited to work on their projects. Our goal at PubDuo is to help students as well as investigators to advance their work and in turn the human condition.

Why PubDuo? What is the importance of research?

Efficient research is essential to advancing the human condition. A significant barrier to efficient research is the process of finding investigators to collaborate with. This burden is twofold: students may have limited access to research opportunities, whereas investigators with research projects may have difficulty finding interested students willing to help them. Students often have limited guidance finding research opportunities and may not know how to contact potential collaborators. Moreover, an undergraduate student may have trouble finding a research opportunity because they may not have the connections that a graduate student would have. Even graduate students at smaller institutions may struggle finding projects. We propose a bold solution to this problem: what if students and investigators had a platform on which they could meet and collaborate? We reviewed the advantages, challenges, and implications of such a proposal, and in turn have created an online research platform that acts as a liaison between principal investigators and students. Currently, PubDuo focuses on undergraduate and graduate students within the health sciences field and strives to expand this well beyond the STEM study focus to other arts and sciences demanding further research.

The rise of technological innovation has elevated our sense of connectivity and makes the process of combining like-minded individuals ever more important and possible. Through PubDuo we hope to utilize the infrastructure of online connectivity with the dedication to satisfy curiosity to achieve the overarching goal of scientific discovery and advancing the human condition.


About Our Staff

Jean-Marc Lucas

Founder & CEO

Jean-Marc Lucas is a fourth-year osteopathic medical student at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, founder, and CEO of PubDuo. As an incoming emergency medicine PGY-1, his appetite for research and protein shakes is limitless. In an attempt to find research, he spent months contacting his medical school’s faculty and alumni with minimal success. Later, he took it upon himself as the president of LECOM’s Johnston Surgical Society to help other students find research opportunities. Jean-Marc contacted thousands of professors and physicians on his venture to find research for his classmates. As he relentlessly emailed investigators, he realized there had to be a better way for students to find research. Thus, PubDuo was born.

Ashton Amos

Chief Communications Officer

Ashton Amos is a 3rd year D.O./MSMEd dual degree medical student at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Chief Communications Officer of PubDuo. Ashton has interests in plants and art as well as trauma and spine surgery. With the increasing competitiveness of surgical specialties, she sought out research and after casting countless emails, she received very few bites. While attending national surgical conferences, she noticed many students at osteopathic medical schools have had the same experiences with research. After recognizing the disparity between allopathic and osteopathic medical schools for research opportunities, she knew something needed to be done. This is where the partnership began with PubDuo. Ashton serves as a link nationally for communication between investigators and medical students and has goals of making research available to all and increasing competitiveness of osteopathic applicants. Ashton one day hopes to run a residency program of her own.